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मोटी वाली सेक्सी, I took my clothes and left her place, now when we get time will have sex… I she always told me do slowly but I do the same when we start….. Hum wapas aaye orkhana khane lage. Khana khane ke baad maa ne sabke letne ki vyawastha ki or maa or kalp bhi let gaya or wo dono jald hi bihosi mai chale gaye

Her name is Madhu (36-30-42) fair and 5feet 8inches height (35 – 38 years). Finally Madhu aunty has come to our home. She is looking sexy in her red sari. She went to get fresh and came back wearing a blue silk night and started to talk with us for some time. Then the session for the night was over.They all left the room.The door was closed.She was still lying there with closed eyes glowing with newly gained sexual pleasure.

Thodi der baad hum dono uss music mein kafi kho gaye aur maine dheere se uske gaon ko peeche se utana shuru kiya. Aur Shilpa ki najare mujh se mil rahi thi. Bas kya tha maine soncha jo hoga so hoga i wanna fuck her. Kisi b tarah se. Either uski sahmati se ya phir jhor jabarjasti se. मोटी वाली सेक्सी I have lots of chapters about my life stories. Whenever I get proper response and comments from you all friends, I will write my stories to you.

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  1. To ye thi meri first story to please girls aunty aur bhabi,s jo jo intersetd hai sex chat ya sex krne mein to mujhe mail kr dena
  2. I had been to Malda three or four times to visit my aunt, my mothers elder sister, who stays there. I along with my parents had gone there on vacations twice, when I was in school. We also visited them when their son, Subhash got married about three years back. आंध्रा ऑंटी सेक्स
  3. She is fat and average color, not that impressing face, but very big boobs, this has lost its shape and hardness, somewhat disappointed it was reflected in my face, she noticed that and she started saying about herself, her name is akshya, she married three years back, Ladies from delhi gurgaon noida can contact me for private exotic massage free of cost with full privacy.. I do it for women and not money 🙂
  4. मोटी वाली सेक्सी...I started from his tip and swallowed a bit; but then suddenly someone thumped my head so deep I was gagging. Ek din mere show ke baad mai apne cubicle mai kapde badal rahi thi jab co-ordinator ne mujhe Danny se introduce kiya jinhe log ‘information mine’ kehte the. Danny mujhse milne aaye the. Mai surprised thi yeh soch kar ki unki status ka aadmi mujhse kya chaahta tha.
  5. Maine mobile nikala aur wahan likhe electrician ko cell kiya usne bataya ke jarnater kharaab hai hai aur 40 se 45 min lagenge aap pls co opraete kijiye maine aunty ko bataya to aunty ke honto pe thodi muskurahat aa gayi aur aunty ne chashma nikala to unki aankhon main chamak thi My finger and palm was drenched with her cum, she rested on my shoulder as I pulled my hand out of her pant. We kept quite for few moments, I kissed her forehead and she kissed me back on my lips.

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I sucked for ten more minutes and emptied her milk …She feel relaxed now….She smiled and said am very good sucker and she likes the way i sucked her milk ..

I have divided my room into two portion using a big wooden plank, One for office and other as bedroom because this bedroom itself was very big almost 450sq ft.Hence I didnt make use of the next rooms. Koushik turned me so I was facing him. He kissed me deeply again. His penis pressed and throbbed against my lower abdomen. Our tongues danced together, chasing each other from my mouth to his, and back again.

मोटी वाली सेक्सी,Hearing this my cock started flying. I told him that see your friend has woke up. He started searching here n there. I took his hands to my cock and pressed and told him that ‘he is here’

Ab mujhse bardasht nahi ho pa raha tha maine poocha kya hua mummy to mummy ne kaha no beta that’s over tmhari khwahish maine poori kar di ab age tak jana thik nahi hai

Inside her mouth my cock was active like a piston of a car rotating back and forth. All I could hear a sound shur…. shi-ship, su—sur-ship… I felt like being in heaven.जानवी कपूर सेक्स

I was 18. Life was good except I hadn’t had sex yet. Of course I had made out with a few guys in my class but their clammy inexperienced hands led me nowhere. I wanted my first time to be special but that feeling was quickly overpowered by the overwhelming hormones. This is Tim Duncan (name changed) living in Chennai. Thou I reside in Chennai I ain’t a Chennaite neither a Tamilian. I am from central India and this is the story about me and my ex-girl Brinda.

Raju ka aacha friend hone ke wajah se aur mere flirting style ke baat ke tarike se aur ek area mein rehne ke wajah se muze number mil gaya .

I went to her home couple of day later with her on my bike. She was sitting beside me while in Ahmadabad it is heavy traffic hence had to apply brakes many times, every time she used to touch me from back she used to smile which I could see in mirror.,मोटी वाली सेक्सी So mene bola ki fir aapko sex karna acha lagta he.So wo sharma ke andar apne room me chli gayi.Aur bed pe jaake soo gayi.Me gaya nai fir thodi der baaad unhone bulaya.Me gaya aur dekha toh kya wo.Nangi soyi padi thi